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New Android apps worth downloading: Zombies, Run! and Pocket updates, Frontline Commando: D-Day

Need a workout plan? How about fleeing from hordes of the undead? That's what's on offer in Zombies, Run!, an app that provides a bit of a game, as well as a back story, to go with your jogging routine. We've also got an updated (and more social) Pocket, which allows you to save articles you're reading to return to them later. Finally, Frontline Commando: D-Day puts players in the boots of an Allied soldier in a third-person shooting game.

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Zombies, Run! update ($3.99)

Whats it about? Make working out a it more terrifying with Zo mbies, Run!, a workout app that provides a zombie apocalypse story to go with your time on the treadmill.

Whats cool? Zombies, Run! helps you get motivated for running (and other physical activities) by providing you with an audio adventure to go with it. Your headphones pipe in stories of zombies chasing you to go with your fitness goals, with a story that has been penned by novelist Naomi Alderman, and also provides you with missions and other goals to meet, to make a bit of a game out of your workout. The app's newest update starts Season Two, which brings in new missions and new stories for runners to enjoy (and fear).

Whos it for? If you like zombie stories and could use a little motivation to get in shape, Zombies, Run! is for you.

Whats it like? Try Runkeeper and MapMyRun for more running tracking and motiviational help.

Pocket update (Free)

Whats it about? Pocket lets you save things you're reading on the Internet on your computer for later, picking up where you left off on your Android device.

Whats cool? Ever find yourself wanting to read an article on the Internet you find during work or while you're doing something else, but you don't have time to commit right then? Pocket is the solution it allows you to save that article (or videos and other content) to read for later on your mobile device, and strips out the noise of excessive images, ads or links to make the reading experience easier and quicker. It also lets you sync your progress between devices, so you can start an article on your computer, pick it up later on your Android phone, and then go back to your computer to fin ish. Pocket's latest update makes it more social, adding more features and allowing you to share content with friends, and to receive shared articles right in the app.

Whos it for? Anyone who finds themselves wishing they had more time to read interesting articles should check out Pocket.

Whats it like? Instapaper also is a well-loved alternative for finding time to read articles.

Frontline Commando: D-Day (Free)

Whats it about? Third-person shooter Frontline Commando: D-Day sends players to the beaches of Normandy and beyond to fight Nazi soldiers.

Whats cool? Great graphics and a fast-paced, high-action single-player campaign await players in Frontline Commando. Y ou play an Allied soldier as you make your way through trenches and across barriers, fighting enemy troops along the way while taking cover behind boxes and sandbags. You'll need quick reflexes and a sure aim to make it through alive, and there's plenty of action to be had. It's important to keep in mind that Frontline Commando is a free-to-play game, which means you can experience its lengthy single-player campaign for free, but you'll need to make in-app purchases for additional things like more powerful weapons.

Whos it for? Fans of shooters will find themselves right at home in Frontline Commando.

Whats it like? Check out Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour and Shadowgun for a pair of solid shooters, one with a first-person perspective, the other with a third-person.

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