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Top Android Apps

24/7 personal voice mail program, so you never miss an urgent call. Search awaiting an important phone call while your interest in the environment or meeting? With Android applications, you can get your personal machine running 24/7 to help you manage your calls when you're on the move.
This soft, high-quality app just activated the phone for important calls when the phone is automatically switched off, but still receive incoming calls. When this option is enabled, the phone automatically sends an SMS prompt call is urgent or not.


We will call filters that interfere in case of emergency.
The display and text messages calling for emergency response.
Ability to create your own personal message.

Cardio Coach

Cardio Coach is a good program, where you can track and record their fitness activities. This program has several smart features, including GPS tracking, integration of music, pedometer and a lot more to cardio and fun and challenging. Just install the cardio trainer on your Android phone, run it and go. Whether your jogging, walking, skiing, biking, or virtually any other activity, cardio coach, will serve as a virtual training partner.


Android App Developer Tips: Do's And Don'ts In Making Android Apps

Android App Developer Tips: Do's and don'ts in the preparation of Android Apps

• Do not keep the user in mind when designing your application. Many android app developer has made a mistake and developing applications based solely on what they think they should do and not think about how other people will actually use it in real life. And the funny thing is, it's not so hard to find an end user feels. You can conduct surveys, for example, do some beta testing, or to evaluate your app review blog.

• Do NOT include scalability, and integration into the app. Expandability should always consider their applications for design, especially if you are making the first version. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked as many mobile applications today are developed in a short period of time in order to take advantage of current needs or trends. But, scalability, it could lead to a lot of re-configuring a new version is released or functionality.

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Android Application Developers: Watch Android Improve and Expand

Nearly half a decade ago, my friend and I was thinking about technology that would easily connect every device in our house and would be easily controlled by us. Seeing the rapid advancement of technology, we were amazed to think about the concept that has helped every electronic device is a function with one remote. For our imagination technologies set the refrigerator temperature with remote, geyser get our work done and even the most complicated thing just ticks.

free new utilitarian concept of

This is a dream come true. Android is brought to life the power of centralization. This technology works with the support of a smart phone user who acts as a remote control for home appliances that work over Wi-Fi. This smart phone will act as a portal to another device in which all devices can be put to work together without problems. Furthermore, users can get access to any type of data from anywhere in the house. However, whether this means a low concentration step in the smart phone market?

Not According to Google, it's utilitarian set the market to offer customers a better choice. After their benchmark in the smart phone industry, they are concentrating on something better and bigger with no negative impact on the existing set. In the entertainment industry and they believe in offering choice to their customers the best technology.

Google's move to create a technology-dependent ecosystems on the verge of making history. This development will be one of the most utilitarian and steps taken by the Android allows creative people, designers and content developers to enjoy the open market and freedom of transmuting fantasies into reality.

Google believes in an open development environment. She also confirmed that no splitting, but the spread on the market. This expansion would certainly make a difference in how we experience technology. It will soon be embedded in our everyday lives.

strategy to improve the Android software development offshore, India

Google turns utilitarian definitely not taking a toll on your smart phone market. Of the two positions, Google takes seriously the concept of unity for all of your smart phone applications. After years of criticism for his substandard user interface, Google has decided to help free the look, feel and run as smoothly as possible, given its open nature.

To aid the development of applications disorder, recently launched a free design portala.Portal contains a comprehensive guide that features of UI best practices Android app developers to follow, and build aplikacije.Vodič will simplify the development of Android applications through the process of comprehensive information on the style guidelines, design patterns and blocks that are part of the default Android UI.

Difficulties for the development of tools will also be resolved as improved tools are on the road. Unlike Apple, Android, has so far dealt with the development of overcrowded, there was no rule for the standard UI for a better user experience.

2012 is the best to bring about development and could be another year full shift of technology worldwide. With the onset of appreciable, Android application development is sure to contribute to a drastic change to their consumers. Of course, change for the better!

Android App Review Sites for Developers

There are already more than 500,000 applications filed in the android market and nearly 345,000 active aplikacija.Važan part of the application involves the submission of marketing applications for the online review sites. This application allows good exposure among the general public. Here is a list of android app review site -


This is yet another Android app review site that was posted with the latest applications on tržištu.Stranica allows users to insert opinions about key functions in Apps.Baza data that is located in the directory style offers readers information on prices, user ratings, comments, etc. the best thing about a Web site that displays the application view in any point of time. This means that more attractive and popular app has, more will be featured in "to review the list."

Android Zoom

This page allows users to search, view and evaluate aplikacije.Stranica is updated hourly with new applications, games, utilities and many other things. In other words, this site fills the lack of online Android Market. This site works well for programmers, such as a top-picks each week and day-wise approx.

Android Community

This is the only Web site that provides a valuable learning experience with mobile devices. Developers can access the necessary resources in Android Community Forums. Developers can find a discussion of specific models, android, hack, who compiled the list of software by the user, etc.

Android apps

This page allows users to browse and search applications by category. In applications with long descriptions and recommendations. Users can send screenshots and videos of online apps. In addition, the site even allows the developer to inform users about the cheapening of the app, so users stay updated with the app. The site also has a top referees every week, so the programmer can choose between the best reconsider your app.

Android and I

This is a very comprehensive free resource that covers news and software. Programmers must verify the application site that has descriptions, reviews, ratings and comments on various applications. There is no page titled "Page for beginners," where developers will find lots of information about the terminology or the popular new free software that the owner should keep up with.

There are thousands of Android app review site and one must have a look at this site and see what is really there.

Huge Demand For Android Developers Working On Honeycomb!

Smartphone users give a very smart choice, but for smart phones will be smart, applications developed by professional Android developers have to be smart enough to impress customers. Hence, many companies hire Android developers who can deliver the goods, the smart way!

Android 3.0, also known as Honeycomb is compatible with the Android-powered tablet. There is even a major upgrade brought about by the launch of Google Android Honeycomb 3.1.

Honeycomb version boasts many features, including a number of library functions, smooth and seamless transitions, basic utilities, and resize widgets, efficient multi-tasking, better performance and a series of emulator skin for a better look and feel. One can immediately shut down all operations without the need for interference with a strong task vodiča.API code, UI framework and animation framework drastically promijenila.Android 3.1 powered smartphone can take advantage of RTP (Real-time Transport Protocol) API for on-demand streaming or interactive podataka.API-I created for the version supports USB host, and also the interaction devices. Using the API Android Developers are skilled enough to create, discover, interact, and even take care of compatibility issues while creating a variety of mobile devices.

Honeycomb Android application is thoroughly progressive and handling powerful mobile applications with more features. There are many companies that provide mobile app development, particularly Android app but needs to find the proper development of the company or the Android Developer to suit the role perfectly.

In addition, it is even feasible to look at the Android developers at offshore locations such as Indija.Najbolji part of outsourcing application development based on cores that are skilled and efficient enough to create extremely innovative applications at economical prices. Also, there are many of them in the eastern part of the world who are ready to perform at even one-third of the cost charged by their western counterparts.

Offshore development companies hire highly experienced Android app developers who help customers with great applications that can create huge ROI. There is much in demand in app development in various areas including commercial software, games, travel apps, medical applications, parties Apps, etc.

hiring Android developers is not as easy as it seems. There are many that can be found, but only some of them have the vision and the ability to create something out of the blue. There are some companies that even offer virtual development services so that you can hire them to complete the project.

Need For Android Development Multitasking

Android application development is on the rise these days. This is because it is unique in that it lets you run multiple applications simultaneously. It might be new for other developers. Android developers need to know before making the application behavior so that it will work well. Here we see more multi-tasking aspect of the Android platform, applications that work with Android on the impact and benefits that are free.

How Multitasking design came to the

There are some technical limitations in mobile devices. There are some requirements for users that do not exist on the web, as well as on the desktop. So Android developers, and design of multi tasking features are kept in mind the following limitations.

  • When a person uses a mobile do not have time or patience to click on the option made ​​after using each application as they have to use it very often and that was for a short time. So, while developing this in mind, a user does not need to click to do after you request.

  • memory space that is available in the phone is very limited. They have no option called as swap space. Thus, the development of Android applications is done on the Android developers keeping in mind the restrictions.

  • time the user moves from one application to another in the mobile phone is very small. Therefore, the time required to run applications almost less than a second. Say for example, a user watching a video and receive SMS. So, he must go to the message and return to the video. When the waiting period for these programs is the inclusion of users will not like it. So Android developers keep this in mind during the development of Android platform.

  • To create a built in Google applications available dovoljno.Filozofija API should be here any program is treated the same. It is that everyone is equal. This is what applications such as GPS, data synchronization, the music must be available in the same API that is available for third party developers.

The main objective of the development of Android makes the user feel that all the applications at the same time. The developers have also borne in mind that the memory that is available in the phone is very small and the RAM that is actually required to run so many applications is much more than what's available in your phone. There is no substitute memory. These constraints are the main reason why Android development came up.

However, a very common misunderstanding in the Android multitasking is a major difference between the application and procesa.Aplikacija there can be no process actually works in Android. More applications can share a process, or vice versa, this is one application can use multiple processors. It all depends on the needs of the application process.

What To Consider When Looking For Android App Developers

and Android App To perform will depend largely on the person who created it, which is why if you have a great idea, but do not have the knowledge and know-how to build one, it is best left to the professional development of Android app developer. Hiring Android app developers need for people with big ideas app, but is not able to put them into life. And with the growing popularity of the Android platform, you will not have trouble finding a developer who is willing to work in your apartment. However, not all developers out there can really deliver, so it is best to be extra careful when choosing an app for your project.

When browsing the Android App prospective developers, be sure to consider the following:

• Experience - although they tend to require more than the average developer fees, hiring an experienced Android app developers is often worth the extra cost. Not only can you expect to get a quality product from an experienced programmer, but also on time and within specified budget. So, make sure to ask for a portfolio of developer and ask for his or her work history in construction applications. At the very least, think about those developers who have already completed the development of one or more applications and more applications are released, which is better. You should also look at the type of application developers is working on. If your app is that it contains lots of graphics, for example, require developers with a history of the development of graphics intensive applications.

• Skill - specifically, you should look for the Android app developers who are skilled in Java and the Eclipse IDE for Java and SQL. Java is necessary to use the Android Software Development Kit (SDK), which in turn is essential in creating android aplikacija.Programer who knows how to use Eclipse plug-in for Java will be less time consuming coding app for architecture and expertise in SQL is the key to a stable application . Developers also know that Android uses XML can also solve problems related to XML in the development, as well.

• Location. Where the developer can live to be an important factor in relation to the skill and experience, given the fact that now you can see, talk and make business transactions with other people over the internet. But if you prefer to hold face-to-face meetings with their employees on a regular basis by dialing an Android app developers who live close to your area may be a better choice.

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