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New Android apps worth downloading: SlipperFits, Tango update, Big Win MLB

Get an idea if your Facebook crush also has a crush on you with SlipperFits. It lets you secretly poll Facebook friends for their feelings, without giving yourself away. We've also got an update to voice-over-Internet app Tango, which allows you to make free voice and video calls, as well as send text messages.. Finally, there's Big Win MLB, a card battle baseball title that puts you in charge of managing your own dream baseball team.

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SlipperFits (Free)

Whats it about? Use Facebook to find out if friends you have feeling for share the sentiment with SlipperFits.

Whats cool? SlipperFits is something of a dating app, in that helps you find out if the people you have a crush on (and also happen to be Facebook friends with) feel the same about you. The app lets you page through Facebook friends and tag any for whom you have feelings that might go beyond friendship then, it has you send a recommendation out to 50 friends (with your crush included) that lets them download SlipperFits, too. If the person in question downloads the app and marks you as a crush, the app notifies both of you; if the feelings aren't mutual, nobody is made any the wiser.

Whos it for? If you're hoping to find out if a Facebook friend might be more than a friend, try SlipperFits.

Whats it like? Try Swoon for more crush-finding, and the standard Facebook app for its social networking prowess.

Tango update (Free)

Whats it about? Tango is a voice-over-Internet app that lets you make voice calls and video calls, or send text messages, all for free over your device's Internet connection.

Whats cool? It's the breadth of communication possibilities available in Tango that makes it so handy. The app allows you to get in touch with other users through a variety of means you can set up text chat sessions, voice calls, video calls, and even play games with the person to whom you're talking while you're taking. The app's latest update adds group chat functionality, which means you can send photos and other items to the whole group while chatting, and it also squashes a few bugs to make the app work better in g eneral.

Whos it for? If you'd like a communication alternative that doesn't use your call minutes or plan's text messages (but will use your cellular data allowance if you're not connected to Wi-Fi), check out Tango.

Whats it like? Contact the people you're connected with the social network appFacebook Messenger, and make more calls and send more texts with Skype.

Big Win MLB (Free)

Whats it about? Create and manage a fantasy baseball team and play cards to help them make their way to victory against other teams.

Whats cool? Big Win MLB is all about creating the best team you can and managing it well. It's not unlike a card battle game you ope n a pack of cards at the start and can buy or earn more packs over time, and each of those packs includes players and big impact cards that alter how the game goes. You create your team based on what's in you deck and play against other players or the computer and its decks. At the start of each game, you choose which one-time big impact cards to use, which can alter the abilities of your players and make them better on the field. Games are played automatically while you watch, allowing you to see where your team is weak and make adjustments. You can play against friends' teams in Big Win MLB, or take part in events and battle with the app's decks by yourself.

Whos it for? Baseball fans who also get into card-battle titles should check out Big Win MLB.

Whats it like? Check out Home Run Battle 2 and 9 Innings for more great baseball games.

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