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Android App Video Review: Into the Dead

Into the Dead from PikPok is an endless first person runner game full of zombies, and ironically, in absolute defiance of all expectations and despite combining two of the most common tropes in mobile gaming, it's actually a very unique and stylish game unlike any other. That's probably due to the creativity of a developer like PikPok, though.

Essentially, you're just dropped in the middle of a zombie apocalypse world, and immediately have to start running. As you run, you'll notice one or two zombies in your path, and then one or two hundred. The idea is to keep pressing onward, slanting your run left or run via tilt or touch controls to dodge any zombies directly in your path. You don't have to dodge them perfectly. Even if you hit one to some extent while dodging, you'll glance off the side and stagger for a bit before regaining your composure. You'll also bounce off trees and other such obstacles in the same fashion. It's while you're staggered that things can get tricky in a jiffy. Also, you'll jump over fences and logs automatically.

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You aren't totally defenseless though. As you run, you'll see weapon crates marked by a glowing flare. As you complete mission objectives and reach higher level s of difficulty, you'll unlock cooler weapons, from shotguns and chainsaws to an eventual mini-gun. If you're having trouble picking up crates, they're also marked by a ring of birds in the sky, which you can see from a much greater distance. In the main mode, weapons serve to help you get through tricky choke points and corn fields, while in the massacre mode, they're the point of the game.

Everything is built around the coin and mission system. Coins earned through play and completed mission objectives can be used to buy starting perks, like extra ammo, a starting weapon, or a starting distance of 1,500 meters. They can also be used to get early access to weapons, and even to straight up bypass certain difficult mission objectives. Your gamer pride will probably keep you from doing this for a while, but believe me when I say that some objectives just aren't worth it, and will take too long to pull off. Naturally, you can buy coins in-app with real money. The game b ecomes repetitive and formulaic quickly, but what it lacks in variety, it excels with in style and presentation. No other runner has ever felt so atmospheric or tense, and the first time you run into a zombie that ends your run, it's kind of freaky. All in all, I can definitely recommend Into the Dead, as it's totally free.

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