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New Android apps worth downloading: One Today by Google, Indigo, Manuganu

One Today by Google is an app that provides a new nonprofit project each day and allows users to donate $1 and share that donation with others. Next theres the Indigo Android app, a personal data assistant that answers your questions, followed by Manuganu, a running game with platforming elements, great graphics and controls that include the ability to stop, unlike other runners.

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One Today by Google (Free)

Whats it about? The latest app from Google lets you be social and help out those less fortunate by p roviding you with new charities each day, to whom you can donate $1 through the app.

Whats cool? Pretty much the only goal of One Today is to facilitate helping people give money to worthy projects. Each day, Google provides a new nonprofit project to its One Today app, and users have the option of donating a dollar to that project. If you do, great; if not, that's fine too. But if you do give to the project, you can then amplify your signal by sharing the donation through social networks and possibly educate others to the cause. That can cause them to give, and share, and so on, potentially snowballing into an outpouring of charitable support. And then it can happen tomorrow, too, and the next day.

Whos it for? If you're looking to do something a little more altruistic with your mobile apps, One Today might be the way.

Whats it like? Give to charities in a different way wit h Give 2 Charity, and track your charitable donations with Charitable Donations Log.

Indigo (Free)

Whats it about? Indigo is a voice-enabled personal data assistant that includes one feature that sets it apart from the crowd it can talk back to you.

Whats cool? Data assistants seem to have become all the rage in the mobile space, ever since the appearance of Apple's Siri program. Indigo is one such data assistant, helping out its users by allowing them to speak to it and providing services such as web searches, sending updates to Facebook, finding out important information quickly or getting recommendations on restaurants. The thing that makes Indigo cool, however, is that it's capable of carrying on a conversation wit h you, making finding what you're looking for easier and faster.

Whos it for? Anyone who likes the idea of talking to a computer to find important information hands-free (and really, who doesn't?) should give Indigo a spin.

Whats it like? Other solid personal data assistants that can answer your spoken questions include Evi and iris.

Manuganu (Free)

Whats it about? Manuganu is a running platformer, in which players dodge obstacles with careful timing, and move as quickly as possible to get to the end of each stage.

Whats cool? Like other running games with a heavy emphasis on platforming, Manuganu is all about timed jumps, careful slides, and grabbing c oins. Unlike those other titles, however, the game also has a big element that's about stopping that is, it includes a halt control that lets you stop Manuganu altogether when he's running, in order to avoid things such as swinging rocks and other dangers. Players will also jump to scale wall and climb or descend ropes across Manuganu's 30 levels.

Whos it for? Fans of running titles should check out Manuganu's interesting take on the genre, as well as it's great graphics.

Whats it like? Rayman Jungle Run includes similar mechanics and a platforming emphasis, while Temple Run 2 turns the perspective to behind the main character's back, for a different approach.

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